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Individual Counseling

We provide... 

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

Psychiatric diagnostic interviews to determine the clinical basis for treatment (diagnosis)

We provide Individual therapy to address issues such as:

•Anger Management

•Unresolved Grief/Loss

•Post-traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from abuse, abandonment, neglect

•Conduct Disorder

•Oppositional Defiant Disorder

•Major Depressive Disorder

•Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder

•Social Phobia/Shyness


• etc.

Family Counseling

We provide family therapy that includes parenting skills training, conflict resolutions skills training, problem-solving skills training, and communication skills training to address issues such as:


•Foster Care

•Divorce Reaction

•Blended Families

•Parent-Child Relationships

• etc.

Group Counseling

We provide time-limited group therapy sessions focused on:

•Social Skills/Social Awkwardness


•Anger Management

• etc.

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